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  • Holiday Networking Dinner

     費用:         會員免費 非會員$40 Complimentary to VIP Guest Only
     Date/Time:        Dec. 20. Thu. 6:00pm~10:00pm
     Location:         New Capital 半島海鮮酒家 140 W. Valley Blvd D-4th Fl San Gabriel, CA 91776
                      (626) 288-1899
     RSVP:      Haidi Huang      (626) 820-6169
                     Kristina Chou    (714) 277-8899
                     Robert Hsieh     (626) 288-4468
                     Ivy Chang          (9909) 595-8811
                     Kent Lu             (323) 268-4638
     Details:    122007.pdf

  • Taiwan Trip Reporting Press Conference

  • 2007台灣之旅 Tentative Taiwan Trip

     Date/Time:      Oct. 28~Nov. 6
     Details:             102807.doc

  • 2007年 CAIFPA Election Night

    Time:        Sep.26

  •  會員講座: MDRT Forum Discussion

     Sponsor:      Sponsored Exclusively by Prudential
     Speaker      Chanise Crouse, Territory Vice President Prudential Annuities
     演講內容:    The Perfect Storm, a Different View to Retirement Planning
     費用:           會員免費 非會員$40
     Date/Time:   Aug. 29. Wed. 12:00pm~2:00pm
     Location:      凱悅大酒樓 Happy Harbor Restaurtant 1015 Nogales St. #126 Rowland Heights CA 91748

  • 2007年夏季CAIFPA會員墨西哥邊境城市一日遊

     Date/Time:       7月14日, 星期六早上七點半出發
     Location:         1.羅蘭崗99 Cents店,泮溪酒家停車場(位於Nogales和Colima交叉口)
                           2.聖蓋博順發超級市場停車場(位於Valley和San Gabriel交叉口)
     攜帶:         護照、綠卡(永久居留證)或I-94
     費用:         終身會員:每人$10
                      非會員:成人$60 /兒童(12歲以下)$55
     RSVP:       座位有限.請將Release from Liability & Negligence表格和支票(支票payable to Lincoln Tour)
                      在6/30/07之前寄到  CAIFPA,P.O. Box 6878,Rosemead, CA 91770   
                      Ivy Chang: (909) 967-5083, email:
                      Sheila Chau: (626) 862-2287, email:
                      Kent Lu: (323) 268-4638, email:
     Detail:         中文:

  • CAIFPA MDRT Qualifiers Congratulatory Advertisement Is Running On Chinese Daily Newspaper

  • CAIFPA exhibition booth at MDRT Annual Meeting in Denver

     Date/Time:        06月09日 ~ 06月13日

  • 會員講座: Foreign National Underwriting

     包括:           Mortality, sweet spots, reinsurance concerns, etc.
     Sponsor:      AIG American General
     並設:           午餐享用
     Date/Time:   Mar. 28. Wed 11:00am~1:30pm
     Location:      聖蓋博希爾頓酒店 Hilton San Gabriel 225 West Valley Blvd San Gabriel CA, 91776

  • 會員講座: 紐約人壽客戶自定終生壽險簡介

     Sponser:    New York Life Insurance Company
     並設:          晚餐享用
     Date/Time:  Apr. 23, Mon.6:30~8:30
     Location:     聖蓋博希爾頓酒店 Hilton San Gabriel 225 West Valley Blvd San Gabriel CA, 91776

  • 4月25日Kaiser CE seminar 暫定Hilton San Gabriel, 最新資訊請各位Member隨時查詢E-mail update
  • 會員講座: Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California

     Speaker    Garrett S. Yee, Manager
     演講內容:     1. Roles and functions of the WCIRB
                        2. Most recent industry results
                        3. Agent/Broker and employer resources available on the WCIRB website
                        4. A few basics on experience rating
                        5. FAQs that the WCIRB gets from agents and brokers
     Date/Time:          May. 30, Wed.10:00am~12:00pm
     Location:             Pacific Palms Conference Resort
                               One Industry Hills Parkway City of Industry CA, 91744
     RSVP:         Andy Lee               626-782-0202 x100
                        Kristina Chou         714-277-8899    
                        Kent Lu                 323-268-4638    

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