CAIFPA invites you and your friends to attend our events!

  • Special Year End Event (Forum Discussion & Holidays Celebration Party)

     Date/Time:  December 7th (Wednesday, 4:00pm - 10:00pm)
Location:     Mission 261 Restaurant
     Details:        Event Flyer

  • Life Insurance Seminar

     Date/Time:  September 21 (Wednesday, 10:00am - 1:00pm)
Location:     Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference CenterForum
     Details:        Seminar Flyer

  • E & O Seminar

     Date/Time:  August 31 (Wednesday)
     Details:        Seminar Flyer

  • United Health Care Asian Broker Seminar

     Date/Time:  August 24 (Wednesday, 9:30am - Noon)
Location:     Hilton Hotel Los Angeles / San Gabriel
     Details:        Asian Broker Seminar.pdf

  • Day trip to Lake Arrowhead

     Date/Time:  July 23, 2011 (Saturday, 8:00am - 7:00pm)
     Details:        LakeArrowheadTrip    Photos

  • MDRT Recognition Luncheon & Panel Discussion

     Date/Time:  June 30 (Thursday) - 10a.m.
MDRT Invitation and Luncheon Mbr Letter.pdf  
MDRT Qualifier Recognition Invitation.pdf
                       MDRT Forum & Seminar Flyer

  • CAIFPA Life Insurance Seminar

     Date/Time:  April 28 (Thursday)
     Details:     CAIFPA 04-28-2011 Seminar.doc 

  • Taiwan Trip

     Date/Time:  April 17 - 25    
     Details:       Trip.pdf    Photos

  • UHC Asian Broker Seminar

     Date/Time:  March 10 (Thur.)
     Location:     Pacific Palms Conference Resort
     Details:       Invite.pdf

  • 2011 Gala 25th Anniversary Celebration

     Date/Time:  March 5 (Sat.)
     Location:     Pacific Palms Conference Resort
     Details:       Photos     
Letter from President      Sponsorship Level     Contract & Receipt

  • 2011 Gala Workshops

     Date/Time:  March 5 (Sat.)
     Location:     Pacific Palms Conference Resort
     Details:       workshops.pdf

  • Community Health Fair

     Date/Time:  Feb. 26 (Sat.)
     Location:     Rosemead Community Center
     Details:        English     Chinese

  • Kaiser & Warner Pacific Lunar New Year Broker Luncheon

     Date/Time:  Feb. 17 (Thur.)
     Location:     Mission 261 Restaurant
     Details:       Invite.pdf

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