CAIFPA invites you and your friends to attend our events!

  • Holiday Dinner

       Date/Time: December 18th (Thursday), 6pm
       Location:   Awu Delicious Food, Arcadia
       Details:      Event Flyer

  • Seminar

       Date/Time: October 15th (Wednesday), 9:30am-Noon
       Location:   San Gabriel Hilton
       Details:      Event Flyer

  • Board of Directors Election Event

       Date/Time: September 18th (Thursday), 6PM-9PM
       Location:   NBC Seafood Restaurant
       Details:      Election Letter   Nomination Form    Event Photos

  • Catalina Island Outing

       Date/Time: August 23rd (Saturday), 9AM
       Port Location: 320 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802
       Details:      Event Flyer

  • Member's Tea, Dim Sum & Wine Tasting (RSVP required)

       Date/Time: July 18th (Thursday),4-6pm
       Location:    San Gabriel Mission 261 Restaurant
       Details:      Event Flyer

  • CAIFPA MDRT Forum Discussion (RSVP before 6/21)

       Date/Time: June 26th (Thursday), 9:30am-1pm
       Location:    San Gabriel Hilton
       Details:      Event Flyer    Photos

  • 2014 Gala 28th Anniversary Celebration

       Date/Time: March 22nd (Saturday)
       Location:    Pacific Palms Conference Resort
       Details:      Sponsorship Followup   Gala Program Flyer    Year Book     Photos

  • 2014 Gala Kickoff Seminar - "Penny Wise & Pound Foolish"

       Date/Time: March 6th (Thursday), 9:00am - 1:30pm
       Location:    San Gabriel Hilton  (RSVP before 2/27)
       Details:       Event Flyer






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