CAIFPA, California Asian Insurance and Financial Professional Association, formerly CAIPA, was formed on January 2, 1986 by a group of Chinese American insurance and financial service professionals. The corporation has established its tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (6).

Our industry had undergone many tremendous changes in the last two decades since this organization was born. To recognize these changes, the board of directors had numerous discussions and considerations during the 2004 board meetings.  The new name CAIFPA was finalized in August, 2004. Our members approved this new name during the member's general meeting/election held on September 30, 2004. Our name change is also approved by the State of California.  To date, our active members are growing tremendously in the past few years. We also realize that this number is relatively small considering the size of the financial professionals we have in this community. We need more professionals to join us and work with this elite organization.

This is a non-profit organization. Our biggest vision is to unite the financial industry professionals, and to provide a forum to share our ideas and experiences. We have provided a wide range of seminars and CE courses for our members in different topics with top-notch speakers from this industry.

At the same time, one of CAIFPA's commitments is give back to our community. In the past, we have donated to a number of charities and provided scholarships to college students who are majoring in this field.

Furthermore, CAIFPA is a MDRT-approved qualified financial professional organization, i.e., any of our members would qualify for a MDRT membership when their production reaches to the MDRT standard.

Code of Ethics

The following is the code of ethics of California Asian Insurance & Financial Professional Association (CAIFPA):
  1. A member shall abide by all laws and regulations of the United States and the state he/she is residing, the by-laws & the Code of Ethics of CAIFPA and all rules of conducts which are prescribed in the code of ethics of other professional organizations to which he/shmbers alike with courtesy and respect.
  2. A member shall treat all members and non-members alike with courtesy and respect.
  3. A member shall be objective in providing opinions about various insurance or financial products to others and avoid making any misleading statements.
  4. A member shall not disclose any confidential information without the specific authorization from the source of information.
  5. A member shall assist in promoting the public awareness and understanding of the importance of insurance and its effective use in risk management process.
  6. A member shall maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity.
  7. A member shall perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable and disclose any potential conflict of interest in providing such services. In no event shall a member engage any act of self-dealing.
  8. A member shall continue to maintain and improve his/her professional knowledge, skills and competency, and shall strive for the best services to others.



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